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Take control of Molly the Brolly. She is an umbrella from the boring grayscale world who longs to be free. During a strong wind she breaks away from her master and manages to float high into the sky. While exploring she discovers a group of small bright and vibrant floating islands. She meets the people and finds out that they will repay her with colour if she can complete some small tasks. Advance through the game and acquire all the colours as you explore the islands. Enjoy!


*** It is strongly recommended to use a XBox/PS3 controller to play ***

Left Analogue - Movement (Think tank-controls)

Right Analogue - Up/Down Movement

LB/L1 - Talk

RB/R1 - Interact

Start - Pause Game

** Keyboard Controls also available **

WASD - Movement (Think tank-controls)

Up/Down arrows - Up/Down Movement

Q - Talk

E - Interact

Enter - Pause Game

Thanks for visiting The Umbrella Game. The game is designed and developed by Stephen Larkin and Peter Cantwell as our final project for the MSc in Creative Digital Media in DIT.


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