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The Umbrella Game

Back Story

In The Umbrella Game the player takes control of a stray umbrella exploring a set of islands (currently two) in the sky. Each island is different in their landscape but each offers interesting and fun little interactions. The game will start with the first island available but as all it?s missions are completed the next one will become open and playable. The game is relaxing in its tone and this feeling is enhanced through soft controls and gentle music. However when the setting or feeling becomes intense the music will reflect the situation.

First Demo

For our first demo we have built one playable mission, which is rescuing a lost cat stuck in a tree and bringing him home. As the player explores the island he/she will soon hear the frantic cries of the lost cat. Moving the lower part of the umbrella close to the cat will pick it up. The home for the cat will now be highlighted showing the player where to move to next. Once the player has brought the cat home and dropped the cat on the patio to it?s house the cat will run into the house and the mission will be complete. We have installed a timer in the game of 6 minutes. We feel that this will allow the player to explore the terrain, complete the mission and get a sense of the game.


We have included a small tutorial to run alongside the demo detailing which buttons to press.

Up - Moves the umbrella directly forward but adds weight to the front, which pulls the umbrella down slightly.

Down - Moves the umbrella backwards towards the screen

Left and Right - Adds torque to the umbrella to rotate it either clockwise or counterclockwise

Pushing the up and down keys in succession will rock the umbrella gradually pulling it higher.

Holding the space bar will cause the umbrella to descend.

Colliding the handle with a collectable object will pick it up.

When hovering over a drop zone pressing the left control will release the object.

Press R to restart.